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Elwin Etheridge
Elwin Etheridge, the founder of Etheridge Construction, began building his business in 1965, operating in the petroleum gasoline construction industry. This organization would operate under his leadership for the next 15 years.  In 1980, Elwin, now partnered with his son, Jimmy Etheridge, would open Etheridge Electric.  It was soon merged with the existing petroleum compay.  A few years later, Etheridge Construction and Architectural Design Build Services would merge with the organization, under the leadership of Jimmy's brother, Stan. In 1998, Jimmy's sons, Will and Zach, would join the family business in order to develop a residential construction side branch of the business. In the mid-1990s, Elwin Etheridge became the first Mississippian to be elected President of the Petroleum institute of America.  Mr. Etheridge retired in 2000.
Jimmy Etheridge
Jimmy Etheridge grew up in Jackson Mississippi, and attended Jackson Prep High School.  He accepted a football scholarship at Mississippi college in 1974.  After graduating, Jimmy developed an interest in the family business.  By the 1980s, he was the president of Etheridge Construction, and has been managing it for over 30 years.  Jimmy has managed construction projects all over the country, and he excels in leadership, strategic planning, organizational skills, project management.  Jimmy was elected by his peers in the mid-1990s to become president of the Mississippi Electrical Contractors Association.  Today, Jimmy uses his free time to pursue another passion: his faith.  He operates the Jimmy Etheridge Ministry that helps those who suffer from affliction and drug addiction. Jimmy enjoys working with his two sons and hopes for a 4th generation company to exist in the near future.
Stan Etheridge
Stan Etheridge grew up in Jackson Mississippi, and attended both The University of Mississippi and Louisiana State University.  After earning his degree in Architecture, he decided to continue his studies at the Architectural School of Art in Italy.  Stan resided in New Orleans, Louisiana and was a self-employed developer and architect. He designed and oversaw multimillion dollar jobs all over the state of Louisiana.  He managed our architectural design division until his recent passing.  He designed and built several petroleum gasoline projects for the company during his career. Stan has been nationally recognized, and has won several national design awards.
Will Etheridge
Will Etheridge was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. He is a successful developer in the construction industry. He owns an Black Angus farm and an equipment rental company, in addition to managing the Sales and Construction Development division of Etheridge Construction.  Will is also the President and CEO of Net Auto, a successful automobile dealership in Richland, Mississippi.  Visit his website at

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